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Lee’s revolutionary approach to money and wealth management takes both a spiritual and holistic approach. Beautiful Money (Penguin Random House) offers groundbreaking strategies and secrets to holistic wealth creation.



Lee Marie Jacobs is an international author and speaker on transformational leadership, holistic wealth and quantum healing. Lee is the author of beautiful money (penguin, random house) and deeply passionate about conscious leadership, body alignment and spiritual nutrition. She has a degree in biomedical toxicology and holds her MBA. She is certified as a yoga and pilates instructor as well as a clinical nutritionist. She has been mentoring globally for over 20 years and specializes in holistic wealth, detoxification, integrative health + healing. Lee is also currently studying advanced homeopathy, homotoxicology and biomedicine. She has been featured in Women’s Health, Glamour, The Dr Oz Show, Fox News, Mind Body Green, Well + Good, Entrepreneur, Success and many more.



The AURIC Podcast is live on itunes and all platforms. Listen to Lee’s latest podcast episodes where she explores spiritual and cosmic living both as an individual and as a mom. Hear from some of today’s leading experts and authors as they discuss simple strategies you can implement today!

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As an international speaker for almost two decades, Lee regularly speaks both live and virtually on such topics as holistic wealth, wellpreneurship, cosmic success and spiritual wellness. If you, your company and/or your brand are interested in working with Lee, connect with her here.


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Have you ever found yourself exhausted or unhappy in pursuit of money? Have you ever felt unfulfilled and unhappy while chasing money? Has your health ever suffered as a result of your hectic schedule? Have you ever chosen responsibility over passion because of money? Have you uncovered what your greatest fears are around money? Are you doing what you love or what you feel obligated to do?

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